What Pittsburgh Home Sellers Should Do After a Poor Property Inspection

The inspection contingency in your sales contract is an inescapable reality with a traditional real estate transaction. Many Pittsburgh home sellers fear the unknown of what lies behind their walls or under the floor. The best practice for home sellers is to have a pre-inspection before getting an offer. However, we will now explore what … Continued

Myths About Selling Your House in Pittsburgh

There are various options available when deciding to sell your home. Sellers often find the selling process cumbersome, and it can be complicated knowing which sales method best suits your property and your unique circumstances. Many sellers are surprised to learn that selling to a local “direct to seller” professional home buyer not only can … Continued

Top 5 Mistakes Pittsburgh Home Sellers Make

Finally, it’s time to put up the sale sign, get offers and sell the home. If only it were that easy. While it may not sound complicated at first thought, the process of selling a home has several aspects that sellers must consider to bring top dollar promptly.  As difficult as it may be to … Continued

5 Tips for Investment Partnerships in Pittsburgh

Investing with a partner to buy real estate can be beneficial to both. You must take steps to ensure that the relationship will endure, however, so you need to develop a plan for the partnership from the initial investment through the exit strategy. Additionally, it has to be the right fit for you. While you … Continued

5 Tips for Siblings Dealing With Inherited Property in Pittsburgh

Have you recently inherited property in Pittsburgh? Often loved ones fail to properly prepare for their passing and the situations heirs often face when dealing with the death of a loved one with real estate attached to the estate. Sadly, without proper forethought, you may suddenly face life without your parents, who have left their … Continued

How To Know You Are Working With The Best Home Buyers In Pittsburgh

At Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, we pride ourselves on being the absolute best professional home buyers in Pittsburgh. With more and more buyers entering the market, we wanted to share some tips to utilize when selling your house directly! We are the #1 highest rated professional home buyer in Pittsburgh on Google and take … Continued

What You Should Know About Real Estate Trusts in Pittsburgh

Preparing for when a loved one passes will allow you to endure the loss without adding the stress and pressures of dealing with all of the details of an estate. If you’re wealthy, then the alarming tax rate on gits has likely been of concern. Taking action by preplanning for the distribution of an estate … Continued

Things To Know Before You Buy Rent To Own in Pittsburgh

Are you thinking about buying a house in Pittsburgh? If so, a rent to own agreement can be a great way to do it! Learn more about what to expect so you can understand the process before you buy rent to own property! And if you have any questions, we are always here to help!  … Continued