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We Buy Houses!  It is very important to us that you have a fantastic experience throughout the entire process from beginning to end.  Our team is prompt, professional and ready to help answer your questions and handle your unique situation.  We use the latest technology to streamline your inquiries and facilitate your requests.

At Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers, our goal is to buy your property fast, and close as quickly as the tax offices and local municipality authorities allows us to!  We make it a priority to assure your complete complete and total satisfaction.  Our goal is to gain your recommendation and referral after our service and support has been completed.  If you are interested in a Fair Cash Offer for your property, then contact us today!

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What sets us apart from other we buy houses companies and providers servicing the Pittsburgh are?  We are actually LOCAL and FROM Pittsburgh!  We live here, too!  Our office is centrally located in Pittsburgh on Grandview Avenue overlooking the Downtown Pittsburgh skyline.  We love Pittsburgh and look forward to working with our neighbors for years to come!  Before you sign any documents with another company, make sure you remember to inquire as to where their offices are located and if the owners of the company actually LIVE in Pittsburgh!

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Salander Netwarbie Testimonial

I reviewed a number of proposals and offers for my inherited property. Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers had the highest number of customer reviews and best reputation in the Pittsburgh area. We also received the highest offer from them close to $8,000 more than anyone else. They had the most professional staff and clearly explained the process. We never had any trouble having questions answered and received exactly the original amount we were offered when we began the process. Good service, very professional and overall great experience working with this company. -Salander Netwarbie

- -Salander Netwarbie
Andrew Rhoades Testimonial

We had an excellent experience working with the team at Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers.  After we purchased a new home and moved into it, our family suffered many months of stress and difficulty selling our former home through a terrible listing agent .  Carrying both mortgages was financially strenuous and created an aggravating burden on our family.  We contacted Clayton and his team at Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers for help after hearing an advertisement on the radio.  From the beginning and through to our closing, Clayton and his team were very professional, knowledgeable and empathetic to the needs of me and our family.  They worked with us to find an appropriate solution when we felt we had no other options to sell our home fast.  Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers followed through on their promises, communicated promptly and helped us get out from underneath our vacant former home.  We no longer had to deal with owning two homes we could not afford.  They even accommodated a Saturday closing to add convenience from calling off from work!  Wow!  If you are looking for a solution to sell your home fast, Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers is the best local option to sell your home quickly in Pittsburgh, hands down.  Thank you Clayton and the team at Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers!

- -Andrew Rhoades 7 family
Stephen Keron Testimonial

The entire process was simple and fast. Clayton offered a fair offer on the house, and also honored ALL of my personal requests for the house we sold to them with tenants and a signed lease. Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers took care of all the details (municipal dye test, occupancy inspections, closing costs, real estate fees, tax transfers, and the transfer of utilities, etc). A few, quick electronic signatures were all that was needed to get the deal done. I have since referred a few friends to them already!

- -Stephen Keron
John Durik Testimonial

After my Mom passed, I was contacted by numerous people to buy her home, all the offers were laughably low. Most of the people I dealt with felt like a scam. Dealing with Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers was by far the best decision. Not once did I feel hustled during their process. They were truly professionals and very communicative the entire time.
For an “as is” sale with no closing costs and no realtor commissions to pay, the offer we agreed upon was very fair. If you are an Executor of a loved ones Estate, I strongly recommend you contact Clayton and his team at Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers.

- -John Durik
Dr. Nikki Trotta
Dr. Nikki Trotta Testimonial

Dear Mr. Zelazowski, It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Thank you for your prompt and professionally handled referral today. Mr. Hoover called and we have an appointment next week. I completed a review of your company and provided you with five stars! Again, thank you for your guidance, thoughtful advice and referral. Your company is lucky to have you as an executive and consultant! You are an asset to the corporation. -Dr. Nikki Trotta  

- Dr. Nikki Trotta

Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC

-Mason & Mia Testimonial

We inherited a property in Pittsburgh that needed a ton of work. Living in California, our PA realtor could not sell even after multiple price reductions and a lot of back and forth with potential buyers.  We terminated our listing agreement and flew to Pittsburgh to meet with Clayton after a relative referred us Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers. Evan responded to our online inquiry and we met with him and Clayton for an in person meeting.  We were very impressed with the manner in which they clearly and professionally outlined their buying process and terms of sale for our home.  It was refreshing to work with a company that was knowledgeable and understood the urgency we needed to have our home sold quickly.  The offer we accepted was all cash and very reasonable for the repairs needed. We were also provided a very thorough analysis of our neighborhood along with and a scope of work estimate if we decided to fix up the house on our own to sell for top dollar through a agent Clayton and his team recommended to us- how considerate! In hindsight, we would have been better off calling Clayton and his team from the start- we would have saved ourselves more than a years worth of headache and hassles. -Mason & Mia

- -Mason & Mia

Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC

-Olivia & Liam Berman Testimonial

My husband and I  needed to sell our home fast for a short notice out of state job relocation.  Working with Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers was extremely easy and straightforward.  Nicolle responded to our inquiry shortly after we completed the easy online Step 1 & Step 2 website forms.  Each member of the team we interfaced with were extremely polite, courteous and professional throughout the process from beginning to end.  Both my husband and I we were very impressed with the high level of professionalism and prompt communication we received from both Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers and their title company, PV Settlement .  The staff really could not have been any better and we were guided through the process at each step of the way. We genuinely felt the care and consideration we received from everyone and appreciated the straightforward, no-nonsense approach this company takes to buying properties.  Compared to our previous experiences with not so great realtors, Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers was definitely a cut above the rest.  These people follow through on what they say and we were moved out completely with a cashier’s check in hand in just under 4 weeks.

- -Olivia & Liam Berman
-Patrick & Emma Brody Testimonial

My husband and I were both laid off from our jobs a few weeks apart due to COVID. We were already in pre-foreclosure and seriously behind on our mortgage payments. We were referred to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers by a friend so we checked them out online and someone someone called us back to come and check out our house.  The very next evening we got an offer which was more than $15,000 higher than another all cash buyer! We obviously accepted the Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers offer and they had us closed in a couple weeks.  Although we had to move back into my in-laws, Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers saved us from foreclosure and possibly bankruptcy.  They even paid off all of our outstanding back payments, overdue taxes and even our closing cost.  We did not have to come up with any money or bring a cent to the closing. All we had to do was pack!  Thank you all for making a stressful situation much less stressful.  Highly recommend!  Relieved! -Patrick & Emma Brody

- -Patrick & Emma Brody
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