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Located at 516 Grandview Avenue in the scenic overlook area of Pittsburgh atop Mount Washington, our expert team is dedicated to working closely with you and your loved ones to facilitate the most desirable outcome for your home selling situation. We offer a multitude of solutions and offerings to help you transfer the title of your property, as quickly as possible, using cash assets and creative financing methods most agencies know little to nothing about.

We are Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC and we sell, buy and transfer houses fast- with zero stress!

Why wait for a buyer to get approved for that loan or drag you through a stressful application process while your home is placed on contingency -we can buy your property today and close in as little as 30 days!

We do not rely on traditional lenders or banks- we offer cash which allows us to significantly expedite your transaction to close much faster than through traditional means.

Our Sellers Enjoy Two Certainties:

  1. The Exact Cash Amount You Will Receive at Closing
  2. The Exact Date of Closing– (Because You Select the Date!)

Many of our customers are seeking fast selling solutions and prefer little to no time or financial involvement in the process. Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers provides expert guidance and skillful support to ensure the sale of your home in 30 days or less. Our highly trained staff provides the highest level of communication, feedback and assistance to you throughout the transaction process to ensure your closing dates is achieved and your fair market cash amount is collected without stressful price reductions.

Our proprietary system is mathematically driven and analytically proven to provide you and your family with the highest cash offers available. We consistently solve real estate challenges and enable our Sellers to enjoy our stress free and full service team support, allowing you to transfer the title to you home with little to no inconvenience or hassle whatsoever. Our offerings are proven, and we focus our efforts only throughout our local area Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Unlike competitors that are out of state, our team provides you with our best all cash offering from the start. Check out our customer reviews and see for yourself how we are providing excellent follow through and outstanding outcomes for our customers right here in Pittsburgh.

Our experienced team utilizes the most current software and comparable market data technology to quickly provide our customers with fair market all cash offers and solutions that meets the demands of our customers. We are 100% dedicated to providing you and your family with a solution that makes sense and meet your unique needs and expectations.  Not only are we very well known for providing a very high level of expediency to your transaction, but also guide you through the title and closing process to ensure a smooth and seamless experience. Our team is highly trained and 100% focused on customer satisfaction and creating a win-win solution with consistency. Regardless of your situation, our team has dealt with them all, including, but not limited to:

  • Assisted Living Transitions
  • Job Loss or Company Relocation or Transfer
  • Inherited Properties and Probate Transactions
  • Pre-Foreclosure Properties
  • Non Paying or Problem Tenants with Expired Lease Agreements
  • Non Evidenced Lease Agreements
  • Divorce Separation of Real Estate Assets
  • Distressed Properties Requiring Extensive Repairs
  • Failed Listing Transactions with Unrealistic Pricing or Poor Marketing
  • Delinquent Tax Burdened Properties and Vacant Homes requiring Considerable Repairs
  • Hoarder Homes or Properties with Abundant Clutter and Contents
  • Mortgage Delinquencies

Life is too short to deal with the pain, stress and inconvenience of these headaches! Contact our team of experts today for your no obligation on-site or in-office FREE consultation. We will provide you with all of the options for your consideration and there is absolutely no obligation to do business with us whatsoever. We are here to provide solutions to our local community, help solve complex and often delicate problems, and deliver in the most effective and timely means possible.

Unlike other “We Buy Houses” companies often operating out-of-state, or buying virtually, we are 100% local to Pittsburgh and proud to service only our local community. Our team will work with you, not against you, to determine the best solution for you and your family that makes the most sense.

Contact our local Pittsburgh office today! Together we will find a solution without the expenses, costs or fees normally associated with selling your home traditionally.

 Your Pittsburgh Leadership Team

Clayton Zelazowski, Executive Director

Layne Baggett, Director of Operations

Your Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC team consists only of local area natives that are passionate about serving the local Pittsburgh community with the absolute highest level of service. Both executive leadership teams and support staff are operationally organized and aligned to provide consistent results through a determined set of CORE VALUES. These core values are implemented to guide decisions and consistently develop successful community relationships and outstanding outcomes for local families and neighbors.

Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC is one of four Pittsburgh based subsidiaries of the CZ Capital Group family of real estate focused companies. All CZ Capital Group companies operate strategically using a high performance-based operational system all company representatives must not only adopt, but also demonstrate. CORE VALUES in the areas of Efficiency, Intentionality, Service Centricity, Excellence and Growth Mindfulness are mandatory character traits and qualities of our staff and service to provide stronger value not only to the communities being served, but also for the individuals we hire and develop to become strong and influential leaders within the communities as a whole. All employees and staff are trained extensively and required to embody our CORE VALUES at all times.

Our employees and staff operate on a higher standard of service excellence for our customers and are committed to providing market leading guidance and support to the local Pittsburgh region.  Unlike other out of state offerings or virtual iBuying firms providing copycat services, Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers continues to lead the region with the highest rated customer feedback and support from hundreds of satisfied customers.

You will quickly notice a difference when dealing with our team. We appreciate the opportunity to provide service and support to you and your family .

Our goal, and the goal of our team, is to follow through on the expectations we set and ensure an outstanding customer experience through to the closing on your home.

Before you list your home with a Realtor, or worry about paying thousands in commissions or repairs, give us a call.

Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers is a no obligation, no fee or commission service provider!  Contact us today!

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