Selling Your Pittsburgh Home to a Direct Buyer Versus Hiring an Agent

Selling your home is a major decision. Whether you decide to sell on the national marker by hiring a top performing listing agent, selling the home on your own or deciding take advantage of selling your home directly to a local home buyer or investor, the best choice is often based on personal preference and what is best for your unique situation and needs. Ultimately, selling your home involves many decisions and there are many factors involved to ensure you secure fair market value on the date of your closing.

While many homeowners are somewhat familiar with the traditional real estate listing process, there are many that are simply unaware of the substantial benefits of a direct sale to a local professional home buyer. When you are ready to sell your home, below are five signs you might be better off selling your Pittsburgh house to a direct local professional home buyer instead of hiring an agent.

How Do You Feel About Multiple Showings?

Do you hate the idea of having countless strangers in your home at a moments notice for a prolonged period of time? One significant indication you might be a better fit for a direct to end buyer sale of your Pittsburgh house to a local professional home buyer, instead of hiring an agent, is if the thought of enduring multiple showings of your home is a turn off for you. If the thought of visualizing dozens of strangers wandering through your home in person makes you shudder, you are not alone. Many sellers hate the inconvenience and disruption that home showings can create in their everyday day-to-day life. The though of living at the convenience of others sometimes make people think twice about listing their home with the expectation that there will be gangs of strangers visiting your home at a moments notice. When you work with a local direct professional home buyer like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, there will be no showings. Commonly there are only a few brief encounters by members of staff to take measurements and complete repair estimates prior to closing. The public will be excluded from the transaction and your neighbors will not even know you are selling, which increases the privacy of your sale. Selling directly to an end buyer prevents countless public showings and increases the level of privacy for the sale of you home.

Is Your Home Outdated or Need Some Work?

You may be better off selling your Pittsburgh house to a local professional direct home buyer instead of hiring an agent if the style of the your home is outdated or has not been renovated in many years. Kitchens and Bathrooms sell homes. If your home has a worn down outdated kitchen or bathroom, many buyers will try to factor the cost of renovation and repairs into their offer, if they even make an offer in the first place. Buyers often have specific home requirements, and if the property you are selling does not align with what they are seeking, they will often move on if those expectations are not meet. Updating your house may require expensive renovations and repairs that can add up into the thousands. Many home sellers often underestimate these costs, especially when it applies to having an updated kitchen, bathroom or even multiple bathrooms needing repaired, updated or redesigned completely. Most home buyers looking for a home to move into will be advised to look for technological conveniences in the home. Updated electrical power is often needed for today’s modern family with countless wireless devices and more appliances than those that were around 40-50 years ago. Today, more power is being used by each consumer living the home, so updated wiring for multiple devices is often sought in addition to extra living space for a home office in a post COVID work from home America. Extra classroom space and private outdoor recreational areas with amenities like fenced in yards and swimming pools are added bonuses for many home buyers today. If your home is lacking updates and amenities that families are seeking, selling your home to an top notch investment firm like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC can help you save time and sell your home quickly, without having to update, renovate or repair anything. Local professional direct to seller home buyers will update your home after closing and improve not only the property itself, but also potentially help to improve the property values in the neighborhood as a whole.

Are You Prepared to Pay For Repairs?

If you have concerns about passing an home inspection, you should consider selling your Pittsburgh house to a local direct buyer instead of hiring a top performing listing agent. There is no argument that homes listed on the market that require repairs typically linger on the open market longer than fully renovated and updated homes. If you home is in need of major repairs, the added time on the market could end up costing you money as the bills continue to come due each month. The final sales price for your home is often severely negotiated downward when serious repairs, renovations and updates are necessary on homes being sold through the standard listing process on MLS. When you sell to a local professional “as is” home buyer like us, you can forget about the inconvenience of finding a good contractor or living in a construction zone. Additionally, Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC pays for all closing costs, document preparations, transfer taxes, title clearing fees and expenses so you, the Seller, will not have to bring any funds to the closing table when your home is cleared to close- you just pick up your check! We will coordinate with general contractors and sub-contractors to itemize a scope of work for any repairs and prepare to remodel, repair and update the home to either rent at top of market price or sell on the open market after we have completed all of the updates and made the costly repairs. The professionals at Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC are the top rated local professional home buyers in the Pittsburgh area. We are passionate about improving our local neighborhoods and driven to providing our local neighbors a solution to sell their home quickly in Pittsburgh. Nobody does it better and our feedback from real customers us unmatched. See for yourself and read our reviews from previous customers HERE.

Controlling the Closing Date

A major advantage of selling your home to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC versus through an agent is your ability to select a closing date that best suits you. We provide Sellers a 3 month window to close so you can make arrangements, coordinate moving and storage arrangements, and take your time to transition into your new home or apartment. Our process adds significant convenience to your selling process by giving you complete control of date and time you prefer to close. We can even accommodate a remote closing where our closing team comes to you for final signatures without inconveniencing you or without having to call off of work- we will come to your workplace to add convenience for you. If you are worried about taking time away from work or are not able to easily drive to the closing office, you might be better situated to take advantage of selling your Pittsburgh house to a direct buyer instead of hiring an agent. With traditional listings, you wait for the buyer, then you wait for the inspection, you wait for appraisal, you wait for underwriters, you wait for approvals and you do whole lot of waiting- which often makes the transaction much more stressful. The bottom line here is with Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, your get to select your closing date, so there is no waiting. Additionally, when you work through a top performing real estate agent, selling and closing on the home is not guaranteed. your top performing real estate agent may never bring you a qualified buyer that can close successfully without contingencies. A direct to seller, local, professional home buyer like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC is not only able to guarantee a closing date, but also guarantee that you actually close, with cash. A local direct to seller home buyer will not moving into the property and affords you the luxury of being flexible, so you can set the closing date at your convenience and rest easy knowing exactly how much you will receive and when you will receive it.

Commissions and Listing Expenses

Many sellers are turned off on the idea of paying commission and do not want to pay excessive commissions nor worry about paying for all of the many fees, costs and expenses associated with listing. There are fees and expenses involved in selling a home and it is easy to forget about costs and expenses that are not included when listing you home with an agent. There are additional marketing costs, photography costs, staging costs to consider when listing you home. You need to know what is included and what is not. Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC is a no fee or commission professional home buyer that pays for all costs and expenses in addition to paying for closing costs and transfer tax costs. If you are seeking a hassle free, commission and fee FREE alternative to selling your Pittsburgh house, selling to a direct home buyer might be a better solution than hiring an expensive top performing agent. With a direct sale to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, you skip all of the costs and fanfare that goes along with a traditional listing of your home, and receive a data driven fair market all cash offer with the ability to select your date of closing. If you are looking for a commission free solution to sell your home without having to make repairs or wait for buyers, then complete our simple online form and Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC can provide you with option that not only saves you time, but also save you money.

Are you ready to sell your home as is with no contingencies or expensive agent fees and select the day and time you close? Selling your Pittsburgh property to a local, professional, direct home buyer is a smart choice if you are wanting to save time and money.

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