The Advantages of Working With a Professional Home Buyer in Pittsburgh vs. a Virtual iBuyer

If you are considering selling your home to a virtual iBuyer, the conveniences an iBuyers may seem to offer could far outweigh the negatives.  Virtual iBuyers work on a massive large-scale basis and most Sellers find out quickly they are just a number when their questions and concerns go unanswered for a prolong period of time because the company just does not care and are often very impersonal. Customer service is NOT a top priority for most virtual iBuyers. Professional Home Buyers are local and a part of the neighborhood and community- most are extremely dedicated to helping their neighbors and providing excellent outcomes by solving complex problems and challenges Sellers often find themselves facing. Pittsburgh Sellers find Professional Home Buyers like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC a great fit, not only because they take the time to listen to the customer, but also because our focus is to provide an excellent customer experience. This article explores five things to consider when working with a professional home buyer in Pittsburgh vs. a Virtual iBuyer.


Virtual iBuyers are NOT local. Many are from out of state or even overseas. They are often very unfamiliar with Pittsburgh and seldom offer as much professional courtesy and information to Sellers that is critical to provide an outcome that works for both parties. A local professional home buyer should provide you all the factual information when presenting an offer for your home. Virtual iBuyers use a process that is strategically applied to streamline the offer making process without doing much up-front work. There are often hidden fees and inspection periods in the fine print that Sellers often learn of at the closing table- fees you are responsible for are well hidden, such as paying closing costs. Virtual iBuyer’s hidden fees and high commissions can all eat away at your bottom line and leave you with less cash at closing than you had expected.

Professional home buyers like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC offer fair prices, taking the time to fully explain our process. Professional buyers like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC never charge sellers additional costs, fees or commissions to sell your home. When working with Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers, the offer you receive when you approve the purchase agreement will be the actual amount you will receive at closing. The process is much more straightforward when you deal locally. It is usually much more beneficial to work with a professional home buyer in Pittsburgh vs. a Virtual iBuyer. Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC helps sellers meet their specific needs, with both their immediate and future goals as a primary priority. 


Virtual iBuyers may add contingencies to your agreement making the seller responsible for any repairs they deem necessary. Often, Virtual iBuyers require sellers to accept the offer prior to revealing costs that could later be added that often lowers the initial offer. Virtual iBuyers devised this system to avoid taking on the costs of these repairs, lacking any concern for sellers and how they might fund these extra costs before closing.

Professional buyers like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC will purchase your property as-is, making it preferable to work with a professional home buyer in Pittsburgh vs. a Virtual iBuyer.  With our years of experience we understand all the risks involved in buying a home as is, we also understand the relief this can offer to an already strained homeowner. When zero repairs are required by the seller, you can avoid paying expensive repair costs and instead focus on the profits you will collect at closing.

Holding Costs

Virtual iBuyers motivation is profit focused and they are often removed from any sense of responsibility for the problems you may face or how much time passes, they can just move on to the next unwitting seller. While initially dangling the carrot of extremely quick closings, it is quite possible the initial contract the sellers sign is laced with contingencies, requiring repairs which the Virtual iBuyer is fully aware will lead to delays in closing. For sellers faced with relocating time constraints, holding two properties means double the bills, in addition to covering the repair bills, until the terms of your contract are satisfied. 

Professional home buyers usually close within 30 days or less. Depending on the circumstances under which you have decided to sell your property, your resources may be dwindling fast. At Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, our quick process means you can leave all of your worries behind, making it better to work with a professional home buyer in Pittsburgh vs. a Virtual iBuyer.

You will thank yourself in the long run for taking the time to understand the huge difference between Virtual iBuyers and professional buyers like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC. Our goal at Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC is to help you solve your problems, which is the best reason to work with a professional home buyer in Pittsburgh vs. a Virtual iBuyer. Find out for yourself by sending us a message or calling Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC at (412) 900-8261 today!

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