How Much Does It Cost To Sell Your House In Pittsburgh?

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Your House In Pittsburgh?

Do you know how much it costs to sell your house in Pittsburgh? When working with a real estate agent, there can be a large number of costs that home sellers are not always knowledgeable about. Before signing a listing agreement with a Pittsburgh real estate agent, make sure you are aware of the costs you will likely pay in the fine print! 

Many people are not prepared for what is required of them when trying to sell a house with a Pittsburgh real estate agent. There are numerous costs, time commitments, and exhausting activities that go into selling your house the traditional way.  We love real estate agents and work with many of the top performers in the city.  Below, we will take a look at what it costs to sell your house with a top performing agent in Pittsburgh, versus what it costs to sell your house directly to a professional buyer, like us.  You can receive a no obligation offer from our team to plug in the numbers for your property and determine which way of selling your house in Pittsburgh is right for you!

Hiring An Agent In Pittsburgh

Commissions (6%)

When you hire a top performing real estate agent in Pittsburgh to help you sell your house, you will be faced with commission costs when the house does eventually sell.  These costs can be a huge blow to a seller’s profits as the average commission will cost about 6% of the final sales price of your home. So let’s say you sell your house for $150,000. You will have to immediately fork over $9,000k to your agent for that 6% commission and that is NOT including all of the other costs and fees you have to pay!  Let’s talk about those next..

Closing Costs (2-3%)

Closing costs include things like municipal deed transfer taxes, recording fees, and other miscellaneous costs like municipal requirement fees. When you work with an agent to sell your house in Pittsburgh, you can expect to spend about 2% to 3% of the final sale price in closing costs. So again, if your house sells for $150.000, you will be on the hook for an additional $3,000 for closing costs and fees. Why not save yourself 8% to 9% or a whopping $12,000 and sell your house directly to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, we not only pay for 100% of the closing costs, but also eliminate the fees and expensive commissions that home sellers often face

We handle all of the paperwork for you AND coordinate AND PAY FOR any municipal requirements like dye tests and occupancy inspections too!  If you are seeking added convenience and an easy hassle free sale of your home, then we might be an excellent fit for you and your family.


Depending on your property, your repair costs can total up to a small fortune. You may find yourself making repairs before you list it, only to have them snowball into major expenses. In many cases, you may find that you have to make even more repairs after the inspection period. It is helpful to note, that many home buyers will attempt to negotiate down your sales price after the buyers home inspector has been through, and ask YOU to make the recommended repairs, or request a credit or discount on the final sales price of your home before committing to buy.  If your agent is having a bad day (or in their first year as a new agent), they might have a hard time negotiating in your favor and end up costing you money or worse- losing the buyer!  

Holding Costs

Many people do not realize how much it costs to own a home. As a homeowner, you are dealing with things like property taxes, homeowners insurance, and utility bills. The bills can get pretty high if your home is older, and not energy-efficient. You will also have to contend with the continued maintenance, repair costs, and the expenses required to keep the house ready for property showings. If your house sits on the MLS for a long time, your holding costs can really add up substantially! When you sell your house directly to a professional and LOCAL home buyer like Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, we will close on your property, free and clear, in only a matter of days.  Our normal closing timeline is usually between 30 and 45 days from the time you approve our agreement to cash in your hand.  We clear the title on all the homes we purchase.

Note: In Allegheny County, a 30-45 day closings is as fast it gets UNLESS THE TITLE HAS ALREADY BEEN CLEARED IN ADVANCE BY THE SELLER (Seldom is this the case due to expense).

Marketing Expenses

Marketing costs when selling your house the traditional way are seriously nothing to joke about.  They are absolutely critical and will determine how quickly your home sells. Depending on the efforts of the top performing real estate agent you hire, you may find yourself quickly spending a lot of extra money to market your house on your own. You may need a premium listing, professional signage, or professional photography or staging in order to properly showcase your property in the best way possible. 

Do not make the assumption that when you lock in your top performing agent for that 6% commission, that 100% of your marketing costs are included.  Make sure you understand what you are getting before you lock in a 6 or 12 month listing commitment. 

Every agent and broker-owner is different and you may end up spending a lot more money than you initially anticipated to sell your house fast in Pittsburgh.  If you negotiate down your listing fee- good for you, but remember, your agent is also likely to negotiate down their efforts to sell your home too.  How?  Fewer open houses or less attention to your listing.  When there are full paying customers to service- those customers are often provided full service.  After all, hiring an agent is a fee-for-service business and sellers will often get what they pay for. 

Our advice is to ALWAYS pay the full 6% if you are going to list you home, but make sure your top performing agent fully outlines what is included and what is an add-on-option.  Make sure your award winning agent is fully prepared to communicate and able to fully understand your situation and follow through on providing you the absolute best possible outcome for you- a fast and professional home sale!

Selling Your House Directly to PCHB

Want to skip out paying 6% plus an additional 2-3% for closing costs and fees? 

Want to add convenience AND pick your closing date? 

Want to skip making repairs and leave that old dusty couch exactly where it is now and not have to haul it away to the garbage dump before someone buys your house?  Sell your house right now!  We will buy it “AS IS!”

Selling your house directly to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, will not cost you a penny. 

While not all professional buyer is local nor created equal (MAKE SURE YOU GOOGLE SEARCH WHO YOU ARE WORKING WITH), selling your house to our experienced team will free you of costs or fees. You will not have to worry about making repairs, cleaning up, or having to wait around for a buyer to come along. There are no commissions, agent fees, or marketing costs. You will be able to sell your house fast in Pittsburgh free and clear, once and for all!  No waiting.  No stressing.  No negotiation with picky buyers.  SOLD.

Before you sell your house in Pittsburgh, you need to know exactly what it will cost you. Many home sellers are blindsided by costs and fees they were not expecting when they work with a local top performing real estate agent. Before you sign a listing agreement with an inexperienced agent, take a look at what we can do for you.  A direct sale may be the best option and solution you need for your house in the Pittsburgh area!  Complete our short home selling form to receive a no-obligation offer from our team of local professionals right here in Pittsburgh!  Visit our local Mount Washington office or give us a call to learn more about the home selling and buying process we have perfected over the years.

If you want to sell your house in Pittsburgh without any of the costs or waiting, reach out to our team today to find out what we can do for you! (412) 900-8261

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