What To Do If You Can’t Sell Your House on the MLS in Pittsburgh

Do you have a home to sell in Pittsburgh? Are you tired of waiting for a buyer? Properties that linger on the MLS can communicate to buyers that there might be something wrong with the property. Should you find yourself in this predicament, identifying and resolving the problem is the secret sauce to getting your house sold. Here are some things you can do if you cannot sell your house on the MLS in Pittsburgh

Lower Your Sales Price

Reassessing your asking price is one move you can make if you cannot sell your house on the MLS in Pittsburgh. If your home is overpriced, no matter what other fixes you might attempt, this issue cannot be overcome without a change. Emotional attachments can add a significance and value to our own homes that others simply cannot appreciate. Comparing properties in order to determine the right asking price can be difficult for a novice. It is extremely important to do your own review of the listing prices and selling prices of homes similar to yours that are on the market, as well as those that have recently sold. While an appraisal can be costly, an accurate appraisal of your property can help guide you and answer questions you may have about how they came to their determination of value. 


Selling your home as an FSBO, or for sale by owner, is an option if you are having trouble selling your house on the MLS in Pittsburgh. Most buyers looking at properties on the MLS are looking for homes that are move-in ready, and those that require little to no renovations or updates. Buyers will pay more for move-in-ready properties as this adds convenience and peace of mind. If your strategy is to save money by not staging the property, with neutral tones and a lack of personal belongings visible to potential buyers, this could be another problem that you may need to rectify to attract more buyers. If you do stage your property, you may also need to rent a storage unit, for your own furniture and other extra belongings that are not being used on a daily basis.


Curb appeal is important. This is basically how attractive the entire property appears to a viewer- and this may be a problem. If your home has outdated decor and is antiquated in design, buyers may not be able to imagine living in the property. Should your property not “fit in” with the surrounding properties, the lack of conformity may affect the valuation of the real estate appraisal. Additionally, buyers may be unwilling or unable to put in the work, money, and time to remodel the home. Updates to décor, appliances, and even remodeling is something you can do if you cannot sell your house on the MLS in Pittsburgh. By making an investment to bring the interior and exterior up to more current standards, you are likely to see much more interest in your home. Regrettably, all of these efforts mean even more time will pass before your home will sell and can easily add up to thousands of dollars. At the ending of the process, whether you listed your home with an agent or are selling on your own, you are left without the guarantee of a buyer. 


Making necessary repairs is another thing to do if you cannot sell your house on the MLS in Pittsburgh. Selling your house in the traditional method of listing, either on your own or with an agent means fixing any issues out of pocket before the property closes. This could include thousands of dollars in repairs, depending on what problems are discovered by the inspector. Hiring your own inspector to identify any major repairs that are required can give you a realistic picture of the work required. Next, have a professional in that industry, such as a roofer, give you a reliable estimate. You will want to be certain to invest the time to make yourself fully aware of all local, state, and federal laws governing disclosure when conducting the sale of real estate either on your own or through an agent. Sadly, you could face legal ramifications, even if you were unaware of a problem with your property before the sale.

The Easiest Solution

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