5 Ways To Save Money On The Sale Of Your House in Pittsburgh

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Save Money On The Sale

When selling your house in Pittsburgh, costs and expenses can add up quickly.  With that obvious point in mind, there are ways you can save your hard earned money when trying to sell your house in our local Pittsburgh area.  In our latest post, we will explore ways you can save money on the sale of your property.  

Every dollar counts when selling your house in Pittsburgh.  There are a few options to think about and consider, but also some common pitfalls to avoid that can ultimately save you a significant amount of capital for Sellers.  Before you decide to commit to a long term 6-12 month listing agreement with a traditional agency or broker, you should educate yourself about the options you have when selling directly and how that can benefit YOU!  Keep reading to learn more…!

1.  Sell Your House As-Is

Selling your home without making repairs can save you a fortune.  Many times, homeowners will make expensive repairs (on high interest credit cards) before putting their homes on the MLS to help make it competitive with other nearby properties on the market.  Once a buyer is found, additional repairs will often be negotiated after the appraisal and home inspection process.  From there, repair costs can snowball, often turning into expenses far greater than you had originally planned or expected.  We hear from stressed out sellers on a daily basis, so we understand this situation well.  When you work with a cash buyer, your property will not be subject to repair costs, home inspections, or property appraisals.  You will be able to save money and sell the property without any additional costs to worry about. There are no surprise fees or hidden costs that you and your family are not prepared to handle.  In addition, you will not often be asked to clean up the property unless there are interior contents that are prevent your home from being toured- think hoarding situation.  A direct home buyer will handle everything from the cleaning to the repairs to the upgrades and renovations.  With our simple selling process, you will be able to sell your Pittsburgh area property without any work, cost, hassle, stress or inconvenience.

2.  Avoid Long Term Agency

We love Realtors and work with many of them.  There are a lot of great agents in Pittsburgh, but we all know some are some more motivated than others when it comes to earning their 6% commission for selling your house.  By skipping the middle-man, you will be able to keep 6%+ of the final sale price in your pocket.  By contrast, a direct sale to one of our companies or partners will never require you to pay any commissions or fees- which is a massive savings.  There is never any sort of cost for our services.  We work with you to find a solution that makes sense.  While some agents are worth their weight in gold, for others, paying the commission can equate to thousands of dollars down the drain, lost time and a frustrated home seller.  When you choose to sell your home directly to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, you will be able to save time and money while avoiding the runaround you might possibly run into when trying to sell your house the traditional way.  Not all agents are bad, but for some properties in Pittsburgh, a fast and direct sale is often the only option and often times a much more efficient and profitable way to sell your house or commercial property.

3.  Sell Your House Quickly & Discretely

Each day that you are listed as the owner of a property on a deed, you will incur costs.  Consider your electric, water, sewage, trash, taxes, insurance, a mortgage, and maintenance costs- those can add up quickly & we often pay these bills, fees and back taxes on behalf of our sellers at closing.   The fact is, holding costs for a property can add up to thousands of dollars, especially if you have a multi-unit property, commercial building or a large single family home with a large lawn to upkeep.  As any Real Estate Investor will tell you, the faster you are able to close, the more money you will be able to keep in your pocket.  Holding costs can quickly make your projected profits fade away into nothingness.  Listing your home on the MLS and successfully selling can take months; however, when you sell your property directly to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, we will likely be able to close in 30 days or less, potentially saving you thousands of dollars along the way.  By the way, we will not put a massive FOR SALE sign in your front lawn which offers a convenience of discretion and a level of privacy many home sellers prefer when selling under difficult situations like divorce or legal proceedings.

4.  Avoid Marketing & Photography Costs

When selling your house the traditional way, there will be advertising and marketing costs that will go along with it.  It is easy to tell a good listing from a bad one. Successful and eye-catching listings utilize professional photographs, staging techniques and sometimes drone aerial videos .  Your house will need to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and freshened up from top to bottom before any of these savvy selling and marketing is implemented.  Having your home cleaned and photographed and staged by a professional will help your home sell, period.  Using online digital and print media marketing, including online featured listings, can be very very expensive; however, it will get your property seen by more potential buyers.  Cleaning, photography, staging services, and premium listings can be expensive and you will likely have to pay for advanced marketing out of your own pocket.  By selling your house to a direct buyer who is prepared to close right away, you will avoid all of the costs of advanced marketing and keep more cash in your pocket.

5.  Work With A Cash Buyer

As you can see from the tips above, selling your home directly to a professional buyer is a great way to save money and sell quickly.  At Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers we have cash and hard money funds in place to buy your home immediately, so you never have to worry about the sale falling through due to a low-appraisal issued from a bank underwriter.  From day one, you will know how much you can expect and what day you will be closing.  In fact, we will close on your schedule so you can plan ahead and know what to expect.  Selling a home in the Pittsburgh area does not have to feel challenging or expensive.  Working with Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers and selling a house in Allegheny County has never been easier.

We can help you save money on the sale of your Pittsburgh area property! Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you! (412) 529-1885

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