How to Sell Your House Without A Real Estate Agent in Pittsburgh

Do you want to sell your house without a real estate agent in Pittsburgh? By eliminating the middle man and expensive realtor commissions, some homeowners are positioned to save not only time, but also money and closing cost fees. Here we offer Pittsburgh homeowners 3 alternative options to sell property without having to hire a listing agent or pay agency fees or commissions. 

Working with a real estate agent in Pittsburgh works wonderfully for some sellers, truth. There are many outstanding real estate brokers and agents in and around the Pittsburgh area, but not all properties are a good fit for the MLS or being sold by that most common method of selling. Sellers with outdated kitchens, bathrooms and those properties that need some repairs often find it difficult to sell on the MLS. Many sellers in this situation find themselves frustrated, especially when the interested buyers request price concessions or credits to make up for the obvious repairs that eventually somebody will have to pay to have completed. These situations often lengthen the selling process, create tension and stress for sellers. Homes suffering from years of neglect can often be left on the market for years and held into lengthy 6 or 12 month contractual listing agreements.

Before deciding the best option to sell, it helps to understand many ways you can legally and legitimately sell your house in Pittsburgh! Selling your house in Pittsburgh, does not have to be stressful, inconvenient or time consuming. Weather you sell your home on your own, hire a listing agent, sell on terms or to an investment firm, the process can be simple and easy if you know what you are doing.

Sell Your House On Your Own- The “For Sale By Owner” Route

If you chose to sell on your own, you will do so without the help of a real estate agent. While this option can save you considerable amounts of money, you will be required to spend time and money on marketing, cleaning, and showing your property to prospective buyers. This is often inconvenient and determining an appropriate selling price for your home is not easy, especially if you do not know how to compare your home to those that recently sold in the neighborhood or nearby area that are similar to yours. This mind numbing process is often the main reason why so many home seller elicit the advise and expertise of a professional and licensed Pittsburgh real estate agent when attempting to sell a home. Selling a home is a lot of work and this is why you pay that 6% plus fees- marketing and determining the market value of your home is a lot of work, and if done incorrectly, could cost you time, energy and in some cases, your sanity!

Selling a home on your own requires a significant amount of time, energy, money, and effort. Screening phone calls, answering questions from buyers, handling paperwork, and keeping the property in tip-top shape can be more work than many sellers anticipated. Selling your home on your own via a FSBO listing is advised only for those with real estate industry experience. Without the proper negotiating, marketing and legal contracting skills, you can find yourself facing fines and time-consuming closing processes that a professional investing firm or real estate agent can help you avoid.

Sell Your House To A Professional Home Buyer

Those seeking a fast, easy, convenient and stress free alternative to listing your home on your own in Pittsburgh, working with a professional home buyer can be a great fit. When you sell your Pittsburgh house to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC, you will not have to spend time or money marketing your home or making repairs before selling. Professional home buyers do not charge commissions or fees and do not require any updates or renovations be completed prior to the home being sold. Normally these types of buyers are 100% cash purchases where no contingencies for the sale are agreed to in writing- these are “As-is” home purchases that often enable to seller the added convenience of being able to select the day of closing that works to the benefit of the seller. This option is very straightforward and includes the most private option to sell, especially for those who do not want to make a loud exit from the neighborhood with a massive FOR SALE sign planted in the front lawn. Sellers choosing this option do not have to wait around “in limbo” while a buyer is found, as the professional home buyer is often a direct-to-seller option and is the entity buying your home for investment purposes.

It is very important to note that not all home buyers are reputable or even local to your area. Many professional home buyers are massive out of state operations that are looking to score the best deal and have no care for the community or the neighborhoods they work within. Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC is the #1 top rated professional home buyer in Allegheny County serving only the Pittsburgh region. Dedicated to helping Pittsburgh homeowners find the best solution to meet unique selling needs, Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC offers ethical, honest and straightforward solutions from a centrally located office in Mount Washington. Offering a no obligation home evaluation to anyone interested in selling their home, Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC will sit down with you, review your property, and offer specific opportunities and solutions to sell your home quickly and conveniently. Each step in the process is clearly communicated and you will quickly see why many previous customers have been provided smooth and hassle free transactions. We care about the Pittsburgh community and want to help local homeowners find the best solutions when selling their unwanted properties!

Sell Your House on Terms or Rent To Own

This is less well known option but often a great opportunity for sellers to consider. Selling your property on terms requires the seller to offer financing for an agreed upon time-frame for an often higher than cash offer price. When you sell your house on terms or with a rent to own agreement in Pittsburgh, you can collect a large upfront lump sum deposit and receive higher than market average rent payments for the home each month. In some rent to own agreements, a portion of the monthly payments can be applied as a down-payment on a new home for the seller! The terms of this option can vary depending on seller needs and are often clearly outlined in a legal purchase agreement, similar to the one you authorize when you sell your home with a Realtor or Broker. The rent to own option to selling homes Pittsburgh is extremely popular not only due to higher purchase prices sellers receive, but also for the fact that if the renter or buyer defaults on the agreement, the seller retains ownership of the property and gets to keeping the money that has already been paid out to the seller.

Selling a property without a real estate agent in Pittsburgh is possible when you have reputable information to determine the best outcome for you and your family. If you want to avoid foreclosure, repairs, or property showings, a direct-to-seller purchase with Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC can help you navigate the transaction seamlessly and effortlessly. Not only will you save time and money, but also be able to move on to your next transition quickly and conveniently. You can and should determine your options and what makes the most sense for your home selling situation.

If you have any questions about how to sell a house in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team! Make the selling process for your home a quick and easy one! Call us today!

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